The Medical Marijuana Ecosystem

Melabis has both a tech and a farm department in the medical cannabis space. Focusing on AI big data collection and working with the Maltese authorities in the tech side while also producing CBD on a mass scale for global bulk sales on the cultivation side of the business. Melabis aims to be a major player in the emerging canna-tech and CBD sphere.

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About Melabis

Melabis brings medical marijuana to the forefront of innovation.

We are building a solution that streamlines the current supply, demand & consumption chain of medical marijuana. This project will leverage big data from surveys, labs, academic sources and communities.

We will be identifying trends related to the purpose of using cannabis, profile, medical history and taste. Melabis is creating of a legal marijuana consumption ecosystem that enables knowledge and access to marijuana for medical reasons.

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The Melabis App

Our application will connect users and the Melabis Artifical Intelligence. Through gathering quantitative and qualitative information, similar user groups can be clustered allowing us to provide optimised solutions to users.

The data collected will feed into a data warehouse based on which strains are aiding specific ailments including any potential side effects.

Data Input

Personal information which will be stored on the secure blockchain including name, date of birth, country and ailment.

Community & News

Share updates with users, events, legal news and procedures.

Mood / Strain

Users feelings, health updates scenarios used.


Utilise token for product offers, partner offers and more

Our Team

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Damon Booth
Founder - CMO
Andrew Corrieri
Damon Booth
Founder & CEO


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Angelo Dalli
AI Advisor
Josh O'Cock
Digital Advisor
Stephen Jordan


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E&S Group
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Growth Gurus
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Melabis is a unique platform; that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way businesses raise capital.

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You will have access to a decentralised platform for the use of medicinal marijuana.

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