Bringing the cannabis industry to the forefront of emerging markets




Trailblazing the Cannabis Industry in Emerging Markets

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding and promises to revitalise economies. With the rapid rise of commercial and industrial interest, several governments are looking to diversify and accredit their economies through the adoption and licensing of medical cannabis businesses.

Melabis aims to further develop cannabis research by facilitating state-of-the-art
cannabis cultivation and processing. With offices in Malta, Canada, Uzbekistan and Laos, Melabis is able to tap into markets on every continent and now that countries in both Europe and Asia are embracing the medicinal properties of cannabis, we are actively seeking to expand our global operations to facilitate our growing number of customers.

A Global Cannabis Ecosystem


Cultivation of cannabis flowers, stalks, and seeds for the creation of medicinal products.


Hemp biomass offers a renewable and eco-friendly solution to our global plastic crisis.


Isolating and extracting the chemical compounds needed to create CBD-based products.

LAOS –The first LOI for Southeast Asia has been granted to Melabis by the Laos government to cultivate cannabis.

Uzbekistan –Melabis has made formal agreements with the Uzbekistan government to obtain the first, exclusive cultivation rights to farm and export CBD.

CANADA –Melabis has partnered with a world-leading grow team based out of Vancouver.

MALTA –Melabis has worked closely with the Maltese Medicines Authority which has approved Melabis’ application for a pilot scheme.

THAILAND –Melabis has partnered with Thailand’s Rangsit University and the Thonburi Hospital Group.

USA –Melabis has partnered with American Cannabis Partners to focus on interlinking the US and Asian cannabis market.

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