The Melabis Medical Cannabis Ecosystem

At Melabis we do not offer a product, rather we offer an ecosystem of services. Our holistic approach gives us unique insights into the chemical composition of our products, allowing us to cultivate and refine a specialized product.





The cultivation of cannabis revolves around the harvesting of the flower. This flower can then be processed to create numerous CBD products during the extraction process.

The cultivation process then focuses on harvesting the stalks and leaves, to create biomass and collecting of seeds for future crops. The entire cultivation process aims to utilise every part of the cannabis plant to create a truly sustainable and scalable crop.


The war on plastic has pushed numerous companies to look for more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. The cultivation of cannabis creates numerous by-products which can be effectively converted into biomass. Biomass refers to the organic material that is used for the production of energy. This biomass, created from stalk pulps of recently harvested plants, can be refined to create low-cost bioethanol and biodiesel which can offset the use of carbon, leading to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Biomass is not just limited to the creation of biofuels. Through industrial post-treatment, biomass fibres are created which can be formed into several beneficial products. Biomass fibres can be utilised for insulation purposes, as a fibreglass substitute and as fibreboard for the construction industry.

Biomass fibres can also be used as the primary component for rope, twine, nets, canvases, tarps and geotextiles for the textile industry.

Growing cannabis for medicinal purposes requires an optimal environment to allow the cannabis plant to thrive. This predominantly focuses on climate, soil and water composition, as well as the hardiness of each specific seed and strain.

We have searched far and wide to find prime locations, with the appropriate climate conditions and ideal soil and water composition, to grow the finest strains of cannabis. With access to over 5,000 acres of prime, arable land, our growing operation allows us to create high-quality strains ideal for medicinal purposes.    


In order to create a refined product that is suitable for medicinal purposes, extraction is required to separate the medicinal components of cannabis from the plant matrix.

The extraction process identifies and isolates specific desirable compounds. Once the extraction process is complete, the creation of CBD oils can begin.

The cannabis plant features at least 113 cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. During the extraction process, the desirable compounds are extracted to create various cannabis products. Our main focus is on CBD, which has been vastly legalised both in and out of Europe. CBD serves as the basis of all our oils.

At Melabis we offer numerous types of CBD oils, each tackling a particular ailment. CBD itself acts as natural pain relief, and CBD oil has helped many individuals suffering from stiffness, chronic pain and inflammatory ailments. Other CBD oils exist as a treatment for epilepsy as well as various neuropsychiatric disorders. Not to mention the widespread success of CBD in treating anxiety disorders and other anxiety-related behaviours.

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